Engaging with Domestic Abuse Perpetrators


This course has been designed for managers and staff in a range of agencies that wish to enhance their skills in engaging domestic violence perpetrators, in order to safely challenge and support changes in abusers’ behaviour. Many agencies have an opportunity to engage with perpetrators, however many staff feel unsure about what a safe and effective approach looks like in practice, and therefore rarely engage and work with the person who is responsible for the risk and harm to women and children. This intensive course will provide you with the opportunity to add to the knowledge, practical tools and skills available within your organisation.


  1. Explain the principles and philosophy for working with men’s abuse to partners and ex-partners, and describe some of the key ways perpetrators may present to agencies
  2. Describe the tactics used by abusers to control and dominate their partners, including where cultural and/or other aspects of ‘identity’ may be used by perpetrators
  3. Interview perpetrators to identify their key tactics of power & control
  4. Explain the key risk and dangerousness indicators and make use of risk identification/assessment to determine the level of danger perpetrators pose to their partners or others
  5. Make use of a number of key intervention strategies and assessment tools that can be used in one-to-one work with perpetrators to prevent further abuse towards their partners and children
  6. Receive information about services for perpetrators within the criminal justice and voluntary sectors, locally and nationally
  7. Explore the implications for parenting by fathers who are domestic violence perpetrators

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