UN Day for Elimination of Violence Against Women

Blooming Strong Campaign.....We will be celebrating how Blooming Strong women are by handing out flowers today in three London Boroughs. 

November 25th every year marks the United Nations day for the Elimination of Violence against Women. At Standing Together, we use this time of year to celebrate the strength of women who have survived gender based violence or supported someone who has.

The idea is to encourage women that they to have the strength to survive, leave, move forward and recover from gender based violence. Very often at this time of year women are portrayed as the victims of various crimes, domestic abuse, rape, FGM etc. We want to turn that around to show the strength that women show either by surviving in a violent relationship, continuing to be a good mother despite the abuse, or leaving a relationship and starting out again, often with no more than they can carry. We celebrate the emotional strength & resilience of women by presenting a variety of women with a single flower.

Flowers are presented to women who are accessing services and working within services, to local women in strategic positions and local women on the streets. We believe this positive approach will celebrate and recognise the strength of local women and also encourage women who are experiencing violence, that they too have this strength.

Local areas can nominate women for a Blooming Strong award in recognition for overcoming the odds, or going the extra mile.

For more infomration about this campaign, please contact admin@standingtogether.org.uk