Read our latest COVID-19 Guidance and Procedures

Information around responses to MARACs, Housing and Homelessness, CJS, Health and further resources.

At this time, Standing Together Against Domestic Violence recognises the evermore importance of a coordinated community response (CCR) to maximise the safety of those experiencing domestic abuse.  We have been working closely with our partners to develop guidance to ensure we continute to provide the highest level of support.

As developments continue, the guidance below will be added to.


COVID-19 Guidance for Health & Social Care Three Boroughs

COVID-19 National Health Guidance

As calls to the domestic abuse helpline continue to rise during the Covid-19 isolation measures, we anticipate that survivors accessing support from health and social care practitioners will also increase. 

Many health and social care professionals will be in contact with those they know are being subjected to abuse and will be concerned about the potential escalation in risk that isolating with a perpetrator can cause. The guidance above has been produced to support healthcare professionals and practitioners to respond appropriately under these unique circumstances.


Guide to Best Practice in Criminal Justice during COVID-19 crisis

It is anticipated that reports to police will increase during this stay-at-home and self iolsation period. Referrals to Crown Prosecution Service (CPS) will increase and prosecutions will increase. Police, CPS and HM Courts & Tribunals Service (HMCTS) have all adapted their working arrangements to respond to Government guidance, but the need to provide a robust and safe response to victims of Domestic Abuse remains as crucial as ever.

Standing Together has decades of experience coordinating Specialist Domestic Abuse Courts (SDACs).  We have produced this guidance to assist professionals working within the Criminal Justice System (CJS) and the vital specialist services supporting victim/survivors through the CJS process.


MARAC Plan in response to COVID-19

In response to more agencies working remotely, we at STADV, have developed a plan we hope will continue to facilitate effective communication and partnership working between agencies, whilst recognising additional time, and environmental constraints. This is, and will be, an ongoing trial process. We have mapped out ‘check in’ points to review how this trial is working, taking in all feedback and amending as needed.

At Risk List / Research Template


COVID-19 Domestic abuse and sexual violence guidance for homelessness settings

The COVID-19 outbreak is a dangerous time for clients experiencing domestic abuse and sexual violence.

They may feel afraid or alone. As a homelessness worker, you may be the only person they can ask for support, and the only person checking in on them to see how they are doing.

If you know or suspect that violence or abuse is taking place, take action.  


COVID-19: DAHA Provides Guidance for Housing Providers

The Government’s stay at home advice in response to the Covid-19 Pandemic can create new challenges for people experiencing domestic abuse.  

DAHA have produced guidance for housing providers on how you can offer safe responses to your tenants/service users where it’s known they are living with domestic abuse or where new concerns arise.  



Joint sector guidance for survirvors and communities 

Property Management and Domestic Abuse during COVID-19 - DAHA / SEA /IPRM /WHA

Local Government Advice on Tackling domestic abuse during the COVID-19 pandemic

Housing and Domestic Abuse Resources

Women's Homelessness Action Forum (WHAF) Key Asks to support women experiencing or at risk of homelessness during COVID-19 

Housing Providers & Refuges: Tackling move-on together during COVID-19 Initiative

AN OPEN LETTER TO THE PRIME MINISTER  - Specialist organisations working with survivors of VAWG have written an open letter to the prime minister, calling for an urgent strategy to protect women and girls and to prevent abuse during the COVID-19 pandemic.

AN OPEN LETTER TO DAME LOUISE CASEY - Members of the National Domestic Abuse Policy and Practice Group have written an open letter to Dame Louise Casey, calling for action to ensure that women and survivors staying in hotels and other emergency accommodation for people sleeping rough are not forced to return to their abusers or to the streets following the pandemic.