Important survey from the Domestic Abuse Commissioner for England and Wales

Survey For completion by Lead Domestic Abuse Service Commissioners, or a representative on their behalf

Mapping Local Authority, PCC and CCG Domestic Abuse Commissioning Leads

Standing Together Against Domestic Violence (STADV) has been appointed, by the Domestic Abuse Commissioner’s Office for England and wales, to create a nationwide picture surrounding the commissioning of domestic abuse (DA) services, across every Police and Crime Commissioner office, Local Authority and Clinical Commissioning Group.

The survey should be completed by your lead DA commissioner or by a representative, on their behalf.   Final submission date is Wednesday 22nd April 2020.  The survey should take around 15 minutes to complete. 

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The survey has been created to identify lead individuals and understand the structures and teams in which they sit.  From this, a much needed contact list will be created, enabling the DA Commissioner’s Office to reach, communicate with and liaise directly with key personnel who are tasked with keeping survivors and their children safe, and holding perpetrators to account.

Results will come through to the offices of STADV for collation and reporting back to the DA Commissioners Office.  Your data will be held by STADV and the DA Commissioners office, see our privacy policy here

For the purpose of this survey, the definition of a domestic abuse service is: specialist services for the provision of support to victims and survivors of domestic abuse, as well as specialist community services that provide behaviour change programmes for perpetrators, including: 

IDVA Services
Refuge Provision
Specialist BME/Disability or LGBT services
Specialist counselling or support services for victims and survivors of domestic abuse

Services such as generic mental health provision, generic victim support services and non-specialist local authority housing are not considered to be in scope, in this instance.  

For further information on this work, please contact Jenny Bowes, Standing Together Against Domestic Violence,, 020 8748 5717

Please pass the survey information on to a relevant member of your team.