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Domestic Abuse: London Borough of Ealing Multi-Agency Risk Assessment Conference (MARAC) Coordinator

We have an exciting opportunity for a role based within our London MARAC Team, that requires knowledge and experience working within the domestic abuse sector, as well as strong administrative, interpersonal and stakeholder liaison skills.

Mental Health

Here are our upcoming courses:

Day 1: Understanding the Dynamics of Domestic Abuse:  11th June 2019 - Book Here

Day 2: Skills and Tools to Support Survivors of Domestic Abuse: 18th June 2019

Day 3: Domestic Abuse: Mental Health, Trauma and Self-Care: 15th July 2019 


Day 1: Understanding the Dynamics of Domestic Abuse:  9th October 2019 

Day 2: Skills and Tools to Support Survivors of Domestic Abuse: 30th October 2019 


Day 1: Understanding the Dynamics of Domestic Abuse: 10th March 2020


Read through some recent work being carried out by DAHA and see what is coming up next for the national benchmark for the housing sector.


The Whole Housing programme is seeking to appoint an area in the North of England to help lead the way in creating a model response to a diverse range of domestic abuse survivors, in all types of housing tenures and settings.

VAWG events

Watch a video of our Blooming Strong Campaign in Hammersmith here:


Women in Hammersmith were handed flowers on 26th November to mark a global day of action against Domestic Violence.

The Blooming Strong Campaign saw London's first Victims' Commissioner join charity workers, in an attempt to remind others of the support and services out there to help them.

Coordinated Community Response

Calling all local agencies, services and partnerships working across the VAWG sector: Join us in our Nationwide Campaign to celebrate how Blooming Strong women are!

November 25th every year marks the United Nations day for the Elimination of Violence against Women. At Standing Together Against Domestic Violence, we use this time of year to celebrate the strength of women who have survived gender based violence, or supported someone who has.

VAWG events

We are delighted to announce that the theme of the next DVCN will be: “The role of faith and the community in responding to domestic abuse.” 

The Conference will take place on Tuesday 27th November 2018 at the Friends House, in London (near Euston Station) from 10:00 – 15:30.

Fundraising Support, VAWG events

Dr. Gail Dines spoke at this great event which provided insight, information, solutions, and a passion for building a healthy generation of kids.

It's a hard time to be a child. Teens today are bombarded with difficult and ever-changing sexual messages. As a result, it has never been more challenging to parent or mentor kids into healthy adulthood.

As their access to technology widens, young people internalize sexualized messaging which affects their behavior, attitudes, expectations, brain development, and undermines their capacity to build healthy relationships.

Coordinated Community Response

We are excited to announce the next Domestic Violence Coordinators Network conference:

Thursday 16th November 2017
Housing, Homelessness and Multiple disadvantage: responding to survivors of domestic abuse

We are very excited to announce that the upcoming DVCN Conference will be focusing on the challenges within the Housing sector when responding to the needs of survivors of domestic abuse experiencing multiple disadvantage and homelessness.


Domestic abuse is a significant health issue. In recent years the health response to domestic abuse has become critical to an effective, coordinated response. Best practice guidance and recommendations have targeted health in terms of understanding risk and information sharing. In practice we know that doctors face significant challenges and sometimes conflicting guidance about information sharing and patient confidentiality especially as it relates to adults with capacity where children are not involved.