Domestic Homicide Reviews

Standing Together Against Domestic Violence would like to announce the completion of our Domestic Homicide Review (DHR) Case Analysis Report authored by Nicola Sharp-Jeffs and Liz Kelly.  Click here to download the report.

When the victim of a murder was either in an intimate relationship with the perpetrator, or was a member of the same household, a Domestic Homicide Review (DHR) explores the circumstances that led to their death to help prevent similar tragedies from happening in the future.

Adult Family Violence (AFV) Briefing Sheet

While Adult Family Violence (AFV) remains under-researched, some key features relating to its dynamics and risk factors have consistently emerged from Adult Family Homicides and will be particularly relevant when considering AFV.  Drawing on Standing Together's expertise in conducting and analysing DHRs, the briefing sheet here identifies and outlines these factors.


 By bringing together public agencies like social services, health authorities and police, as well as voluntary organisations, the DHR builds up a complete picture of the case, including every point of contact between each agency and the victim and/or the perpetrator.

Our Domestic Homicide Review Experience

Standing Together has been involved in the Domestic Homicide Review process from its inception, chairing over 60 reviews, including 41% of all London DHRs from 01/01/2013 to 17/05/2016. We've seen how DHRs can help to reduce the number of deaths from domestic violence. However, coordination is critical.

The Home Office has produced guidance on the DHR process, but the quality and strength of the final report ultimately depends on the skill and experience of the DHR chair. They must hold significant expertise, and be able to understand and balance the needs and sensitivities of all involved.

Standing Together can help ensure that Domestic Homicide Reviews in your area are efficient and effective.

What we can offer you

We offer a complete and inclusive approach that delivers high quality overview reports and independent, expert chairing. We add value through:

  • Advice before the review and support afterwards.
  • A complete administrative support package.
  • Templates for all elements of the review.
  • Quality Assurance process.
  • Family liaison system.
  • Supervision and support for the Chair (our Associate).

You can rely on us to ensure your DHR has correct and committed agency representation, thorough analysis of findings, and clear and focused recommendations with systems to monitor implementation and success.

For further information about how we can help please contact us.