Safety Across Faith and Ethnic (SAFE) Communities Project

The SAFE Communities project ensures that domestic abuse and violence against women and girls are tackled holistically by targeting support to those in the community who are likely to be approached first by survivors for help.

We know that most survivors of abuse are likely reach out to friends, family and community networks for help in the earliest stages of the abuse. We believe that working with and empowering communities to understand, recognise and address domestic abuse is essential.

Grassroots communities and faith groups have the power and potential to make a real difference in the lives of survivors and hold perpetrators to account.  

SAFE is a project by Standing Together to empower communities to be a part of the coordinated community response to domestic abuse. Standing Together works to the Coordinated Community Response model, which brings services together to ensure local systems truly keep survivors safe, hold abusers to account, and prevent domestic abuse. SAFE is an essential part of ensuring communities are integral to the response in any locality.  

To find out more or if you are interested in accessing this support for your organisation or group please contact us.