What we do

We bring communities together to end domestic abuse.

No one agency can tackle domestic abuse effectively if acting alone. Communities must work together, but that isn't always easy. We are here to help build the strong partnerships needed to hold abusers to account and keep survivors safe.

We bring together all the different local agencies that play a part in tackling abuse, from prevention to prosecution and beyond. We help them to coordinate their activities, review their performance, identify gaps, and support them to improve. This is the Coordinated Community Response.

We stop survivors falling through the gaps.

By piloting new ways of working within and across different local services in the Tri Borough area of West London we have built up significant experience in developing systems which truly work for survivors at every point of contact.

Survivors should get the help they need wherever they turn, whoever they speak to, and whenever they're ready.

  • Housing

Working in Hammersmith & Fulham, Kensington & Chelsea, and Westminster, Standing Together brings together housing providers to share and inform best practice on housing and domestic abuse. Find out more

  • Children's services

We design and produce protocols, policies, guidance and training for children's services to help them respond to domestic violence effectively, safely and sensitively. Find out more

  • Healthcare

We work across multiple boroughs in London to help healthcare professionals - particularly in maternity and mental health services - coordinate and improve their response to domestic violence. Find out more

  • Justice system

Specialist Domestic Violence Courts like the one at West London and Westminster Magistrates Court help to ensure the safety of the victim and bring domestic violence expertise into the courtroom. Find out more

We start conversations about domestic abuse.

No single agency or professional has a complete picture of the life of a domestic abuse survivor, but many will have insights that are crucial to their safety.

We start and sustain vital communication between different agencies and different sectors, helping people come together to share critical information and identify gaps in and between their services.

We build successful partnerships.

Local partnerships are the key to tackling domestic violence, but making them work without coordination is very difficult. Strong partnerships need coordination, communication, and commitment to a shared agenda.

Read our Guide to Domestic Violence Partnerships: In Search of Excellence

Hundreds of Domestic Violence Coordinators around the country work to strengthen their community's response to domestic abuse. The Domestic Violence Coordinators Network is there to support, represent, and connect the individuals in this critical, specialist role.

We support professionals to confront domestic abuse with confidence.

We know that frontline staff in local services often find themselves confronting domestic violence on a daily basis but are uncertain about how to respond safely and connect survivors to the support they need.

We deliver training and develop resources to make sure that anyone can feel confident dealing with disclosures of domestic violence safely and effectively.

We can help you to do the same.

We have extensive experience of developing, managing and operating an effective Coordinated Community Response and translating this model into local contexts. Please contact us to find out more about our consultancy work.

Please contact us to find out more about our consultancy work and how we can help you reduce and prevent domestic abuse in your local area.