Since Standing Together Against Domestic Violence was established in 1998 we've made a big impact.

  • We have been repeatedly cited as a model of best practice by the UK government, and a number of our policy and practice recommendations have been adopted and rolled out across the country.
  • We have been invited to share our expertise as far afield as Italy, Spain, Belgium, Canada, and China.
  • Our Children and Young People project is recognised as a best practice model by the United Nations Population Fund (UNFPA)

Turning evidence into action

Over and over again we have broken new ground with our willingness to test new approaches and draw on evidence and expertise from different sectors. 

We have pioneered several successful initiatives which have now been widely adopted around the UK, including:

  • Strategic local partnerships for tackling domestic violence. In 2006 the government recommended the Coordinated Community Response (CCR) as the best approach to tackling domestic abuse.
  • Independent Domestic Violence Advisers
  • Multi Agency Risk Assessment Conferences
  • Domestic Violence Coordinators
  • Specialist Domestic Abuse Courts (We established the first Specialist Domestic Abuse Court in London and the second in the country.)

We know that our approach works

Our goal is to see our Coordinated Community Response (CCR) model in place everywhere in the UK. This would represent a major step towards ending domestic abuse - ensuring that survivors are safer, abusers are held to account, and ultimately domestic abuse can be prevented.

Please contact us to find out how we can help you reduce and prevent domestic abuse in your local area.